Skills and Abilities

Through the years I have been able to gain many real-life experience in many platforms, server environments, framewords and more.  Below you will find a list of these areas of expertise. 


HTML(5), CSS(3), PHP(5+), ASP2/3, .NET, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax


Adobe Creative suite – Creative Cloud

MS Suite

Database Dialects


Server Environments

SBS 2003-10, Windows IIS, LAMP stack

CMS platforms

Oracle, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, RoR, Sharepoint, JIVE


PHP: Laravel, RoR, Drupal, Wordpress

JS: Bootstrap, Angular, Knockout

Right down to it

Through years of working in different platforms, frameworks, and back-ends, I have found that my true passion is pure raw custom coding. I find that coding your solution from scratch not only gives you a one of a kind solution, but also eliminates researching existing frameworks, then customizing that framework to give you want you need. Raw custom coding saves you time and money in most cases. Raw code structures I develop are OOD (Object Oriented Development) that allow for scalability and reusability. My experience working in both Linux and IIS assure you that I am able to development your platform(s).

I have been both a production developer and production manager. In every company I have worked, I've managed 3rd party vendor solutions and implementations. I've also compiled learning structures to enable all team members to enhance their skills and abilities within the company’s' direction through ongoing certification. 

In addition to my vast technical knowledge and coding experience, each company I have worked for has depended on my leadership to train associates of all levels and experience on system use and functionality. 

As you can see, my years of experience allows me to scope, design, develop, implement, and train across multiple platforms and environments. 

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What's being done with all this?

After years of customizing frameworks, CMS systems, and solutions for companies of all sizes and watching money being wasted, I have compiled a CMS that takes the better parts of all the systems and puts them into one. Along with these parts I have added many features that will allow up to date code structures, encryption methodologies, on the fly API connections/setups, accessibility integration, alternate connection to existing (popular) frameworks and more. After finding many commonalities between systems and frameworks, as well as between connection types, KMi was put together to give you a one stop shop for all your needs.

Stop paying project to project for 3rd party solutions. Whether you are a larger company looking to consolidate all your services and applications, or a small company that needs to complete big business transactions, KMi is developed to quickly, easily and successfully meet all your needs so that you and/or your company will thrive! KMi will minimize your cost, your time to production and eliminate your headaches.

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